Custom Headbands

Get A Custom Headband Made Just For You!

Headbands are making a comeback and many designers see headbands are an essential accessory for any outfit. Headbands are a great complement for any outfit and a great way to pull your hair back so you can accentuate your gorgeous facial features. London based company, BALINE specializes in designing beautiful headbands and headpieces for every woman and brings you a great collection at our online store. 


BALINE headpieces are designed to accompany any outfit for any occasion, but we understand that your style is a reflection of your unique personality. That is why we offer custom luxury headbands to our customers. If you would like a custom luxury headband made just for you, please visit and fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly. We want to bring your dream headpiece to life with our custom headbands, so inquire about having an original BALINE design made just for you. 


Opened in 2019 by mother-daughter duo Tina and Behnaz Sharifi, BALINE is a British fine accessories brand creating timeless headpieces fit for any occasion.


The Sharifi women have always had a skill and an eye for design going back generations, but young Founder Tina is the first in the family to bring their expertise to market. BALINE aims to bridge the gap between Persian opulence and British refinement to create stunning, statement headpieces designed to last. Using materials sourced according to seasonal abundance, BALINE’s headpieces are predominantly created using the finest silks, pearls and feathers, hand-made from start to finish in our London studio. 


At BALINE, we want all women to feel confident and beautiful, a queen in each of your own rights. So, we’ve done our best to design a crown for any occasion, for you, with love from BALINE.